1/ All weekend classes are a go!
2/ We’ll be installing the Wodify screens very soon, launching next week. Wodify is also mobile! One cool feature discovered: meal tracker with coach input. Track your meal, hit submit, hear back from your coach.


Today’s Workout
Warmup – WIll go beyond 10 minutes
With a partner, complete 2 rounds of:
1000m Row
Farmer Carry around the Bean Counter
Only one partner working at a time, partition the work as you like.

Take 10 minutes to work up to a heavy Clean and Jerk

WOD – Bring Sally Up
Set up a bar, in the backsquat position:
When you hear “Bring Sally Down”, squat and hold it until you hear “Bring Sally Up”
Score is total number of reps during the 3:25 song. Choose your weight carefully. 135/95 might be a tall order!