CrossFit Coquitlam18_201437422_nKathy is turning into a bonafide fire breather!

Hope you all had a great long weekend! It’s the first week of September. For a lot of you, this time of year is an impetus for positive change in your life. Setting goals and making plans to achieve them. Get stoked! Get moving and get the nutrition back on track!

And we’re here to help. šŸ™‚ We have a Whole 30 Challenge getting started this Saturday. We’re are going to host a kick-off BBQ, have a fun WOD, take a few “before” pics and answer all your questions about the Whole 30. There’s move info at the RPCF FB Event page. We’re going to supply the Whole 30 proteins, perhaps you could bring a Whole 30 side? This week, I’ll set up a link to the electronic version of the Whole 30 guide. We also have printed copies available at the gym for $10. If you have yet to complete a Whole 30 Challenge you have to give it a try to see the difference this makes in your life. If you have already done a Whole 30, let’s do it again. Remember how good you felt just a few days into it?

The RPCF t-shirts are in! We have plenty of stock. Place an order online or grab an “off-duty” coach and get him to show you the goods. (Warning! That last bit could be quite a surprise for all parties if it’s Coach Errol’s goods you ask to see.)

Today’s Workout
Warm-Up – 10 Min AMRAP (for quality)
10 Push-Ups => 15 Super-Slow-Squats => Run around the Accountant’s building in front of the gym => 1 Rope Climb => 3 Muscle-Up or MU progression

Front Squat 8 reps -> 8 Reps -> 6 Reps -> 6Reps
Take 2-3 minutes rest in between sets. Trying for a heavy load

In teams of two, partners will break up the work to complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
40 Kettlebell Swings
30 Burpees
20 Pull-Ups
10 Air Squats

800m Run -> not for time.