1./ Whole 30 BBQ Kick Off tomorrow! Noon WOD, instructions from Errol, then Paleo food. The Saturday WOD will be a sneak peak of the PenthathaWOD events taking place in 2 weeks.
2./ Still some shirts left.
3./ The 9:30AM Group WOD starts on Monday! Ideal for those that feel the 6AM is too early and the 11AM to late. Don’t forget, we’ve got a great kid’s room. Feel free to bring them, but bear in mind, this is the extent of our child-minding services:

Today’s Workout
10 Minutes (AMRAP)
10 Walking Lunges (per leg)
1 Forward Roll
10 Toes-To-Rings
10 Seated Plated Twists (per side)
10 Supermen

Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy Power Clean

In teams of two (or three), with only one team member working at any time, perform as many sets as possible in 15 minutes of:
Row 300 Meters
Power Clean x 4 reps @ 80% of today’s 1-RM Power Clean