CrossFit Mama

Just had a baby? No problem. Cindy “CrossFit Mama” is incredible!

This is going to be a week for the Books my friends! First off, Thank you! Thank you for making Rocky point CrossFit the incredible community that it is. As we have gotten the new place prepared, I have spoken with many of you and you are as excited as I am. yes! This is your CrossFit gym too! I can’t wait for you to do your first WOD…this week…this Wednesday Night!

How it’s going to go down this week:

1/ Monday, Tuesday…like the days before Christmas.
2/ Wednesday: 6AM class at current location. 9AM start loading the truck. Everyone that is available is welcome to come by for a series of short Farmer’s Carries from the floor to the truck. Then from the truck to the new floor! Dull WOD, but your core and grip strength will be wicked awesome afterwards.
3/ Wednesday Con’t: Hoping to be set-up for 430PM Group Class. Check the FB page for ongoing updates from the day.
4/ Saturday: We are reassembling the current Big Blue Pull-Up rig in the parking lot at the current location 10AM. I need a crew. A big crew!!! We will be carrying the rig to the new loaction down Lougheed and up Schoolhouse. Every 5 minutes, we drop the rig and everyone completes pull-ups. We have an RCMP escort and hopefully some media! Wear your Rocky Point CrossFit shirt. Be part of our history!
5/ Saturday: Pull-up Bars fastened in place we do the WOD for Kids WOD at the new location. Get on this! Join now and get a few donations for BC Kids Hospital!
6/ Sunday: The gym will be closed for Groups and Yoga. Carl Paoli’s Gymnastics seminar will be hogging the whole gym. This event is sold out!
7/ Grand Opening WOD and Party T.B.A.

In case you didn’t know, our new location is 1574 Booth Ave, Coquitlam BC, V3K 1B9. GoogleMaps BAM!

Today’s Workout
Handstand Hold Against Wall (or Wall Climb Hold) for a full 3 minutes!
If you stop for a break, do 20 Hollow Rocks.
10 Minute Cap

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3
After Each set do 3 high Box Jumps. (i.e. higher than you are used to!)

WOD – Luck Number 7
7 Rounds
7 X Power Clean 45/35
7 X Burpee
7 X KB Swing 25/15

7 Rounds
7 X Power Clean 95/55
7 X Burpee
7 X KB Swing 45/25

7 Rounds
7 X Power Clean 115/75
7 X Burpee
7 X KB Swing 53/36