CrossFit GorillaAllow me to remind you:

1/ “Know your Body” with Dr Wilbur Kelsick. This Sunday from 130PM to 430PM at the gym. Complimentary workshop for all Rocky Point CrossFit members. For more info (and to let us know if you are coming) head over to the faceboob event page.

2/ OP MATIRU WOD – Saturday March 2nd (time TBA). A WOD to honour and commemorate fallen heros in our Armed Forces. Cost is $35. All proceeds go to MCpl Charles Matiru’s child’s Trust fund. Even if you can’t make the work out, please help out by buying a ticket. All info here:

3/ Vancouver Canucks Night – March 14th. $85 and includes bus ride to and from The Gillnetter. I’ve only got a few tickets left. Contact me ASAP. 604 340 2978

4/ CrossFit Games Opens get started in 2 weeks! If you have not registered, time is ticking!

5/ Parm and Sophia’s Oly Lifting Course is done it’s first cycle. That means there is a regular Group Class tonight at 730PM. Stay tuned for our next cycle of the Olympic Lifting Course to begin in the very near future.

Today’s Workout:
Warmup – 3 Rounds or 10 minutes
10 PVC Passthroughs => 10M Broad Jump => 10M Crab Walk => 10 Vertical Jumps (pick a spot on the wall and jump for it) => 10 Walking Lunges => Basic Dot Drill-10 laps

Spend 20 Minutes warming up for today’s WOD. Practice the Squat Clean and Jerk with an empty bar. Work up to the weight you’ll be doing for the WOD.

As many reps in 5 mins as you can of: Squat Clean, 45/35 lbs Jerk, 45/35 lbs

As many reps in 5 mins as you can of: Squat Clean, 95-135/60-80 lbs Jerk, 95-135/60-80 lbs

As many reps in 5 mins as you can of: Squat Clean, 165/110 lbs Jerk, 165/110 lbs

Everyone get a 5 minute rest in then:

1KM Row for time