Girls can do pull-ups!

Girls can do pull-ups!

Attention! You have until January 11th to get yourself registered for the Big White Ski Trip! If you are interested, register here.

It would appear that we have a few spaces freed up for the Oly Lifting class. RPCF members can register here.

Today’s Workout has been planned for Tom Parker’s Birthday! If you see him, thank him!

10 Minutes hand stand practice. Get a partner to help you maintain your balance out on the floor. Take a walk!

Partner up or groups of 3 to share a bar.
Power Snatch 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

With a Partner
3 Rounds
34 Parker Complex (Power Clean, back lunge right leg, back lunge left leg, Jerk) – split work between partners. RX Weight 135/95. Scale accordingly.
440 M Run (both partners run together)

Saw this today. Entitled “Most difficult thing for men to do”