Great turnout for yesterday’s New Year’s WOD. The decision was anonymous, we did Nutts. Pic on FB lter today.

We anticipate the 430 and 530PM classes to be quite busy tonight. Please do your best to reserve ahead of time. Reserve here.

Today’s Workout:


For 6 Minutes:
30 Seconds on, 30 Seconds off
Burpee to a straight jump
Candlestick to a straight jump

Power Clean
Touch and Go – Work with 1 or 2 other people of similar ability. New to the clean? Work with your coach on technique.

Partner WOD – If possible, team up with somebody you barely know 🙂
AMRAP 30 Minutes – One Partner working at a time:
15 Kettlebell Swings RX-(50/35) Perf-(45/25) Fit-(25/15)
20 Slam Balls RX-(20/14) Perf-(16/10) Fit-(10)
20 Barbell Windshield Wipers RX & Perf-(45/25) Fit-(15)