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Zombie Tag (No Measure)

Coach defines a confined space. All begin walking within space. Coach calls a name who is now a zombie. Zombie shuffles throughout the space and tags new zombies. Coach can call additional names to accelerate the zombie epidemic.

Turkish Get Up (3-3-2-2-1-1)

Sorry to the folks who did this already this past Sunday. Time for a new PR. btw, weight must be completed by both left-right arms to be counted for a full rep.

01282014 Whammer Jhammer (Time)

Teams of 3, with 1 partner working at a time.
90KBS (53, 35#)
60 Overhead squats (95/65#, sub front squats those who struggle with OHS
90 pushups
60 pullups/ring rows
90 Double Unders

1./ Partner 1 wheelbarrow walks Partner 2 across gym. (Partner 3 waits in pushup position)
2./ Partner 1 broad jumps back across gym.
3./ Partner 3 fireman/piggyback carries Partner 1 across gym.
4./ Team completes 30 Jumping lunges (1 working at a time)
Coaches, ensure there is a lane to complete the 2nd half of this workout.