RPCF Testimonials:

*Results may vary for each member and their unique situation. 

Every time I come to Rocky Point Crossfit I get so excited and pumped. The coaches there provide an atmosphere that makes you want to push hard and achieve your goals, each and every session! I love the people and I love the results i’m getting. Everyday I feel stronger and faster. All I can say is that this stuff works and that you gotta give it a try!! You would be crazy if you didn’t.*

– Randy Martin


The coaching I receive  at Rocky Point Crossfit is of world class caliber and I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve trained at Rocky Point Crossfit for a couple of years now and after being absence for several months due to a back injury from work, I returned and I was absolutely amazed with the transformation of my body in just 30 days. My back pain started to dissipate immediately and my function and mood improved with each and every session. My 30 day challenge was simply to show up and train consistently, 5 days a week for 30 days.  The coaches are very knowledgeable when it comes to scaling and progressing movement and although the training was extremely hard and pushed me to my limits each session, it was never beyond my current abilities. Each day the coaches bring support, knowledge, and a kick ass workout!! I’m so happy with my results and the support  I  received from the community at Rocky Point Crossfit was matched with no other. If you need help with fitness, whether its weight loss, injury prevention, sport development or simply just high performance, you’ll find the support and everything you need at Rocky Point Crossfit.*

– Don Tupper


“Kyle and Ranj saved the day for me once again… They had been raving about Crossfit for sometime so I thought I would try it. Best thing I’ve done! Two weeks after starting Crossfit I decided it give running a try. First Sunday out I did 5 km. The next Sunday I ran 10 km in 55 minutes. I thought if I could do 10 km in under a hour the second time out, why not do a half marathon. Three months later I did my first half marathon in 1:48 minutes 39 seconds… One of my co-workers told me losing weight is easy, it’s keeping it off that is hard. He asked me how I do it. I told him that when it becomes a life style it’s easy. I’m not talking about just eating but exercise as well. I feel better now than I ever have felt in my life. I went from being on three medications for high blood pressure to NONE. From couch potato to now training for a half iron man in June. From low energy to endless amounts of energy. I have a goal of a six pack by my 50th birthday. I’ll be 48 in January and I’m definitely ahead of schedule”*

– Richard Ryant

“In the three years since I started going to Rocky Point Crossfit, the results have been incredible. Every time I go, no matter how hard the WOD is, I walk out of there feeling so good about what I had just accomplished. The coaches are all amazing! They are always there to help with anything I need, no matter how busy the class is. I recently did the Whole30 challenge. Between that, and going to the gym, I have never felt better. My energy has increased, I am happier, my performance has improved at the gym and the list can go on. I plan on continuing to follow the paleo diet. I can’t say enough good things about Rocky Point Crossfit.”*

– Samantha Gagnon


“After working with a personal trainer for three months and getting bored of the same old workouts I went looking for something new. I was interested in the concept of multi-joint work outs and Crossfit in general. After meeting Tom and Errol I was ready to commit to the program for at least the Foundations program. Within 2 weeks I knew I was in the right place.  Great trainers, variety of workouts, lots of helpful people and great personal results.  I recommend Rocky Point Crossfit to people I meet almost every day.”*

– Greg Curtiss



“My annual doctor’s checkup fell on November. My family doctor almost fell of his chair when had my blood work results. All the number came up as a best of all time I’ve been at this doctor’s office. This is almost 14 years. My numbers on beyondthewhiteboard.com are slowly going up, which is another positive thing. Thank you goes to coaches Errol, Jen, Michael, Ty and Tom for their help and support.

See you at the Gym guys.”*

– Sergei Guzd


“Training with Rocky Point Crossfit has been a great experience for me. I started almost a year ago and I can’t imagine ever stopping now. I’ve become so much stronger and am in the best shape I’ve ever been! Errol is a great coach and always motivates me to push myself. With his positive encouragement and dedication as a trainer I have seen great results and always look forward to working out everyday! I would happily give Errol my highest recommendations as a trainer and coach.”*

– Jen Bergeron


“On an unseasonably warm New Year’s Day in 2011, I was driving to the grocery store and I happened to pass by Rocky Point Crossfit where I saw a group of people in the parking lot running, jumping, and swinging weights around. Curious, I thought. I had never heard of Crossfit prior to seeing the name on the building. I did a bit of research and decided I would try it out. The weather took a turn for the worse and on my first day I was running outside in the cold with a 20 pound medicine ball within the first 5 minutes. First impressions, this wasn’t like other gyms or bootcamps. I even used to train in boxing somewhat seriously but this was challenging on an entirely different level. And that is one of the things that great about Crossfit, it doesn’t treat you like a baby. It will ask you for more than you think you are capable of – and somehow get you to do it. Its extremely rewarding because every time you finish a WOD it feels like an accomplishment. The motivation you receive from the coaches and other athletes is invaluable. The challenge you get from the workouts is never-ending. The results are really impressive. But most importantly, once you manage to catch your breath, it’s a whole lot of fun.”*

– Brain Hayes


“I initially called Errol to try and get back into shape after 12 years of no exercising and 2 children. I can’t believe how out of shape I was and I begun to see and feel results immediately. That was a year ago now. I’ve lost 30lbs and I now enjoy the group training sessions very much. I look forward to going all the time. I love that each session is different and I’ve meet some really great people. I couldn’t have done it without Errol. Errol is the best trainer. He makes his sessions to suit your level of fitness at the same time continually improving your strength, fitness and belief in yourself and what you can achieve. He has great knowledge, personality, and passion for what he does. He still motivates me and encourages me to maintain a better diet and fitness regime and I’m fitter and stronger than ever.”*

– Amanda Tissuer 


“October 2010… 38 inch waist.. 20 lbs overweight..  and feeling like absolute crap.. I would go to gyms and work out but could never keep it consistent.. Go for a month or two.. then slack off.. mostly because I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. To say I was apprehensive about starting a fitness regimen is an understatement. Then, I met Errol. I’ve seen and worked with personal trainers before but he is a class apart. In three months, he helped me get down to a 30 inch waist. I could actually see my abs for the first time in my life! I’ve never felt stronger or healthier. The amount of enthusiasm he has and encouragement he gives is beyond description. Till date, I haven’t seen any personal trainer actually do a workout WITH his/her clients to keep them motivated. But Errol does. That is the level of commitment he has to his clients. He truly believes in what he does and it shows. He’s always willing to clear any queries you would have about fitness, diet or sports inside and outside the gym. If you are looking to get yourself a personal trainer, my recommendation would be to look no further than Coach Errol Clark. Thanks for all the support Coach! You rock!!!”*

– Sunil Saseendran

“When I started crossfit in August I was a mess, and by mess I mean in an awful place in life, physically and especially mentally. I was on antidepressants, not eating and barely sleeping.  My first session with Tom I barely made it through the dowel stretches, I actually had to sit down because I was dizzy. But I did still really enjoy the work out so decided to go ahead with it. Since then my life has made a complete 180. I’m off the antidepressants, I sleep like a baby and eating way better.  And although other aspects changed in my life around the same time as starting crossfit I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I can say without a doubt that the workout is something I look forward to the most in my day. I thoroughly enjoy the company of everyone in the gym, and the competition really pushes me. I love the way all the trainers make me feel every day, votes of confidence and positive feedback I can honestly say has helped me in my competitive curling career. I truly truly love the way my body feels to! I can go shopping and love the way clothes look on me, which is an aspect I have always struggled with in my life.”*

– Trysta Vandale

“Want to look like the guy behind me? Come to Rocky Point CrossFit!!!”*

– Dr. Fernando Villasenor – G.P. 



“Before RPCF I’d been training on and off for 20 years at a typical ‘fitness’ orientated gym. Lots of attention was paid to the popular areas of my body i.e. chest and arms. The result was on equalized muscle gains that caused joint discomfort, poor posture and a few other issues that were not wanted. CrossFit, while demanding and not for the faint of heart, is forcing me to focus more efforts on my posterior chain and although there is plenty of discomfort I can see the changes I was hoping to realize after only 6 months. I would, and do, highly recommend CrossFit at Rocky Point for anyone looking for gains in functional strength and mobility.”*

– Kyle Bailey 


“Hey, my name is Susan, I’m 35 years old and I’ve been with Rocky Point Crossfit for about 1.5 years now.  I joined Crossfit because of three major reasons: First, I was becoming less and less fit and working a more and more stressful job, and I knew this was going to be a deadly combo. I knew I had to counterbalance my work with an extra dosing of exercise that I was not getting, or making time for. The second reason was because I really missed team sports, and was looking for something to fill that competitive spirit, as well as the camaraderie that team sport offered. And thirdly, I really detested working out at a “gym” and was looking for an alternative to challenge me and to keep me engaged. I can’t count the number of times I just let myself shoot off the back of the treadmill, or drop a set of weights I was lifting out of sheer boredom.

So, to make a long story short, Crossfit has met and exceeded my expectations. I tell people that Crossfit is “intriguing” because we put ourselves through huge physical challenges and even through the burn, our mind thinks like a new mom who, after 20 grueling hours of childbirth, when they see the fruits of their labour think, “it wasn’t that bad.” And we’re crazy because we keep coming back for more. We read about Crossfit, we watch videos on it, we practice the moves we hate the most, we seek out other crossfitters and when we find them, we want to race them and ask how much they can lift, and we cheer them on and push them to keep moving and pick up the bar.

My focus, at 35 years old, is pretty simple: I want to be fit and flexible. I want to have good posture, and better stamina. I want to work towards the goal of being mindful of my body, providing healthy coping mechanisms, getting enough sleep and eating food that supports this lifestyle. I appreciate the coaches at Rocky Point because they too, care about, and support me in this endeavor. They know how to push me to my limits, and keep me safe doing it.”*

– Susan Budiman-Steinley


Having no experience with a gym, and being only 15 when I started to train, the coaches at Rocky Point CrossFit were very helpful, welcoming and supportive.

I’ve been involved for 7 months now and I’ve gained noticeable weight through muscle gain and my strength as well as endurance has increased significantly. I’m not looking to become the next Hulk but I would like to create a foundation for fitness that can last a lifetime. CrossFit has shown me a way to push myself and make safe, measurable gains without creating bad habits by going it alone at the local gym and risking long-term injury.*

– Darren Bailey


“Being only 4’10” you’d think that CrossFit would be somewhat intimidating but it is the best exercise experience I’ve ever been involved with. The patience, support and guidance has made the transition from the gym and home workouts more than worth the price. Investing in a personal trainer a few times a month to keep me motivated worked but the results were what I’d consider sub-par. At Rocky Point CrossFit the investment has been more than worth it; community, motivation, personalized attention, results. In a single word… Value! Highly Recommended”*

-Ranjani Ram


“Most of my year is spent chasing whitewater around the globe, from the Himalayan drainages in India and Nepal to the steep alpine creeks of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains.  In the off-season, I train at RockyPoint Crossfit.  Since joining, I have seen dramatic increases in my core strength, cardiovascular endurance and athletic explosiveness.  Their dedicated coaching and world-class training help keep me fast, responsiveness and safe on the river.”*

– M. I.


“I had heard about Crossfit for 2 years from a friend in Toronto before I even looked it up here. I was doing 6 AM spin class 3 to 4 days a week at Goodlife. Before I started at Rocky Point I thought I was in decent shape but I was intimidated by the pull-ups. However I needed a change. You can only sit in place, cycling like mad for so long.

In the 5 months since I joined, I’ve never done the same workout twice. Theres a real, genuine friendliness in everyone. I’ve lost 25 pounds and my next goal is 215 – or not. More important to me is I think I can see an ab – but it might just be a belly dimple. I’ll keep at it and we’ll see what shows up.

Thanks Mike, Tom,  Errol , Ty and Jenn – this is a great gym, with great people .”*

– Dominic Rubino


“I come from a long line of workplace injuries, my grandfather and father both sustained numerous injuries while young, trying to be “tough” and “a man” my lifting ridiculous things with little training. When I was in college I felt it important I continue this excellent tradition and injure myself while landscaping and building greenhouses. The novelty of injuring myself wore off quickly and I came to realize that as I aged I wanted to be fit, flexible and full of energy. This desire, combined with a physical and stressful job solidified in my mind the need to actively seek out opportunities for fitness.

I checked out RockyPoint Crossfit on the advice of several close friends. I was a little hesitant at first due to my shoulder and back injuries, no sporting background, and stories of “crossfitters” flipping tractor tires, smashing things with sledge hammers and training in other survival techniques for the zombie apocalypse. However the team of coaches at RockyPoint provided the guidance and encouragement I needed to ensure I succeeded (and survived). They were able to point out proper techniques of lifting weights to ensure I did not injure myself; their passion for the sport of fitness was infectious, pushing me to also seek to be as fit as I could be; finally, they were able to see areas for improvement, pushing me to pursue my potential and thus see amazing gains. There is, with no doubt in my mind, a good crew here at RockyPoint.

Now, four months into it, I ask myself, “self, have you seen improvement, change?” *** straight. I see a marked improvement in my shoulder mobility and am witnessing increased strength in any shoulder lifts (as well as every other type of lift); I know my endurance is getting better, and finally, my energy and overall feeling of health is vastly imrpoved. I am  crossfitter and I know this is something I can sustain indefinitely. And most importantly, I now know I and my fellow crossfitters will survive the zombie onslaught, and maybe help a few others along the way. And about the tire flipping and sledgehammer smashes…lots of fun.”*

– Brandon Budiman-Steinley


“My first day at Rocky Point I met an athlete that said he drove all the way from downtown to come to this gym.  I said, “Dude, you know there are like 4 crossfit gyms downtown now right? ” His response, “I know, but this one is the best”.  I’ve been coming here for 6 months now and, without hesitation, I’d give you the same response….this box IS the best.  The coaches at Rocky Point are committed to this sport and committed to us.  You can feel it as soon as you walk through the door.   Their approach is whole…strength, mobility, nutrition, recovery, rehabilitation.  They support you through it all.  Tom, Errol, Michael and Ty are genuinely dedicated to all their athletes and each of their individual successes.  I love this place and so will you.”*

– Kristina Barbera


“I have been training with Rocky Point Crossfit for about six months and during that time Errol has introduced me to the CrossFit prescription of working out. These workout’s have not been easy for me but I can notice what they have done to my body! I feel stronger, fitter and have dropped 40 pounds of excess weight already! Errol’s personality and attitude make him an amazing coach to learn from. I would highly recommend him and his services!”

Update; Frank has now lost over 80lbs and transformed his body and life! He’s kept the weight off for over two years and continues to improve his fitness level! *

– Frank Cichon 


“Working out at Rocky Point Crossfit has helped me achieve fitness goals I previously was unable to reach. Their strength and conditioning programming, emphasizing functional based workouts, has also helped me become better prepared to do my job as a firefighter. Errol is an extremely enthusiastic trainer with a large knowledge base who pushes you hard but still is able to maintain a fun element to workouts. Even though the workouts are really challenging,  I enjoy each and every session “*

– Ryan Kirkham, Coquitlam Firefighter 


“Coaching with Errol and Rocky Point Crossfit has been nothing short of amazing! I can say without question that Errol’s coaching has help lead to my optimal performance and professional athleticism. I would highly recommend him and his services.”*

– Casey Groves, Professional Mountain Biker



“I can’t express how happy I am with my training results so far! I started with an original goal of losing 40lbs and I have now successfully achieved that goal! But i’m not stopping there, the weight keeps coming off and I continue to feel increasingly fit. I love the convenience and I love the training. I would highly recommend Rocky Point Crossfit.”

Update: Alan has now lost a total of 60lbs and is rapidly approaching the best shape of his life. He is 47 years old!*

– Alan Pinkney, CFO

“Training with Rocky Point Crossfit is a great way to stay in shape for service members as it challenges you not only physically, but also mentally – you constantly encounter physical challenges where that voice inside your head is screaming at you to quit. I’ve tried the gym, running, and some of the other “mainstream” training programs but nothing compares. Bottom line, I’ve never been in better shape and I feel great. I would recommend it to anyone striving to achieve optimum performance!”

“Errol is an experienced Crossfit coach and has an eye for finding any technical faults in your movements, and an uncanny ability to articulate ways to correct them. He is also very knowledgeable in nutrition and can recommend ways to improve your diet in order to maximize your time at the gym. On top of this, he is a positive and friendly person and before long you will count him as one of your good friends.”*

– Tristen Georgiou, Private, Canadian Forces Reserves


“If there where two words that I could use to describe Errol, they would be innovating and stretching! Errol instructed me in a way which I had not really tapped into, and I can honestly say that it is something that I used then and continue to use now, not only to excel at fitness, but all aspects of my life. Errol is a mentor and a friend.

I can’t emphasize enough the help he provided me with and I strongly recommend him! Feel free to contact me if you wish.”*

– Jack Stauss 


“I got in contact with Errol at a time when I wished to increase my overall fitness levels. Errol listened to my requirements as a customer, and provided me with a personalized program tailored exactly to my needs.  I noticed results almost immediately! Errol is one of the most motivated people I know, which is a quality he brings with him to each and every session.  His amazing amount of energy inspired me to ‘push myself that extra bit further’ each week. I no longer had to find the time to drag myself to the gym…once a week Errol would just appear on my door step! Super convenient for a young professional like myself. Most importantly Errol helped me achieve the goals I had set for myself, and I would recommend his services to anyone without hesitation. Thanks Errol!”*

– Vicky Petersen


“Errol’s coaching style has influenced me so much that I still use his techniques to this day when I have a goal that needs finishing. I could not recommend Errol highly enough to anyone in need of a coach. His nonjudgmental way of instruction and his inspiration is enough alone to make him a tremendous coach.”*

– Jamie Dillon 


“I can’t believe how fast I saw results! Not only did Errol show me how to train correctly, he showed me how to train effectively. He taught me the importance of proper nutrition and provided an easy to follow nutritional plan that I’ll use for the rest of my life. As Errol would say, it’s a life style change, not a diet plan. An amazing program and an amazing trainer!”*

– Jessica Joughin


“If you’re looking for motivation and a kick start into exercise, you need not look any further! Errol’s energy and enthusiasm are greatly complimented with his education and technique. He communicates his message with passion and is a joy to be around. I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of fitness advice!”*

– Carol Cook


“Many thanks for all your wonderful help in getting me into shape for my daughter’s wedding. I felt very confident in my strapless dress and didn’t worry at all about my arms, as they were nicely toned and did not have the look of a 55 year old! Thanks also for varying the workouts to accommodate my neck and headache issues. You were always very conscientious about my different aches and pains and health issues. I wish you all the best in the future and will be glad to pass your name along to anyone who is looking for your service. Many thanks again, Anne”*

– Anne Brandt CFP RFP

*Results may vary for each member and their unique situation.