Over the past 10 years Rocky Point Crossfit has helped changed the lives of countless people in Coquitlam and beyond. In fact, we now have so many fitness journeys and transformations to share that we purposely omit many of them to shorten the loading speed of this page. Our professional coaching and proven methods allow us to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Come train with us for a year and if you’re not completely satisfied we’ll refund your money!

I was 310lbs at my heaviest, i'm now down to 222lbs!

“Before Rocky Point I was a big fella, I was 310lbs at my heaviest, i'm now down to 222lbs! I have a neck again, my eyes got bigger, my feet got smaller, just amazing changes! The people at Rocky Point will welcome you... The coaches are going to hold your hand at every step of the way and at the end of the day you're not going to have a bad day here." * - Troy Benoit

You don't have to be at a certain level.

“You don't have to be at a certain level before you come to Rocky Point. The coaching has been amazing and I lost over 70lbs so far. This place is my safe haven! I would highly recommend them." * - Suzenna Matty

I've never felt stronger in my life.

“I started with Rocky Point in Sept 2012. At the time I was pretty into Triathlon training and mostly cardio. Not doing too much strength training (other than ab work outs) I was working at Lululemon and through them I had the opportunity to join with a couple friends. I was instantly hooked! The workouts were tough, the people were awesome. I felt like I just belonged here which was an amazing feeling. I've lost 16mm of body fat since my last testing and I've never felt stronger in my life." * - Leah Jensen

Wow, i've actually lost a lot of weight!

“It was a few months after I started and then I started looking at pictures and I was like wow, i've actually lost a lot of weight! My shorts stop fitting me anymore, my pants were too big.. my swimming trunks were to big lol They were falling off of me in the water! I thought to myself this is really working. It motivated me and now I come pretty much everyday." * - Elliot Chong

crossfit before and after photo

The coaching has been awesome!

“I had low back pain... I was exhausted, tired, grumpy, just not fun to be around... The coaching has been awesome!... You'll notice big changes, really positive changes" * - Connor Borsie

An amazing community full of amazing people.

“Just an amazing community full of amazing coaches and people. Can't say enough good things about Rocky Point. I would highly recommend joining." * Marco B.

I'm down 35 pounds.

“I came into rocky point with a long list of old injuries and mobility issues. Thanks to personalized nutrition and training with coach Aaron my movement has less pain and I'm down 35 pounds - thank you for the support!" * - Andrew K

An atmosphere that makes you want to push.

“The coaches there provide an atmosphere that makes you want to push hard and achieve your goals, each and every session! I love the people and I love the results i’m getting. Everyday I feel stronger and faster. All I can say is that this stuff works and that you gotta give it a try!! You would be crazy if you didn’t." * - Randy Martin

I recommend Rocky Point almost every day.

“Within 2 weeks I knew I was in the right place. Great trainers, variety of workouts, lots of helpful people and great personal results. I recommend Rocky Point to people I meet almost every day.” * - Greg Curtis

It's been a life changing experience for me.

"It's been a life changing experience for me."* - Tom Parker

The results have been incredible.

“In the three years since I started going to Rocky Point, the results have been incredible. Every time I go, no matter how hard the WOD is, I walk out of there feeling so good about what I had just accomplished. The coaches are all amazing! They are always there to help with anything I need, no matter how busy the class is. I have never felt better. My energy has increased, I am happier, my performance has improved at the gym and the list can go on. I can’t say enough good things about Rocky Point.”* - Sam

The best shape of my life.

“I'm in the best shape of my life and I simply can't say enough amazing things about Rocky Point. "* Fernando V