OK. Either you knew the challenge was coming and you got a good bit of cheating done on Monday (Milkshake and beer-battered fish and chips for me), or you checked out the blog this morning and this is all news.

Why are we doing this challenge? You’ve heard it from myself and all the coaches at Rocky Point CrossFit, nutrition must be the base of your fitness plans. Without proper nutrition, you are handicapping your efforts in the gym and your health. Here’s hoping that you have been following Paleo or Zone as best you can. If not, this is a great opportunity for you to discover how nutrition is a game-changer. You can listen to the talk all you want, but until you experience it first-hand you’ll never appreciate the huge differences that running on clean fuel produces. You will lose weight. You will gain lean muscle. You will lift heavier. You will run faster. You will jump higher. You will be able to continue throwing things at 10′ targets for longer periods of time. (Because that’s important!)

A word about how Paleo is going to work with our challenge. First off, the Paleo diet is eating the way our bodies were designed to eat over 2 million years ago. Genetically speaking, our bodies really have not changed in 2 million years. Back in the day, humans hunted and foraged. Meat. Eggs. Vegetables. Fruit. Seeds. Nuts. Pretty simple. Around 10,000 years ago, humans kicked off the Agricultural Revolution. Humans were figuring out how to cultivate and process their food. Grains were entering the diet. As was dairy produce and domesticated livestock. This was a huge leap for humans! It led to civilization as we know it today. However, there are detrimental effects associated with processed foods. Celiac disease (gluten intolerance), cancers, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and many other ailments are all problems associated with diet. What Paleo strives to do is eliminate these processed foods from our diet and return to simple, clean eating. You might think “Oh! I can’t do without my bread. What about that food pyramid that says we have to have 7-8 servings of grains a day?” It’s time to turn that thinking on it’s head. This is your new food pyramid:

Trust me. When you knock grains out of your diet the fat is going to evaporate. You will be less sluggish. You will move faster.

OK. Let’s talk “splitting hairs”. We are going to eat Paleo. We are not going to prepare Paleo. I don’t expect you to go out hunting deer. Dress your kill in the woods. Then prepare it on a spit. You are not required to forage along the shoreline looking for Tern eggs. You do not need to keep a spear in the trunk of the car. You do not need to heat rocks to boil water in a leather-skin bag. It is not necessary to wake at dawn and spend hours picking boysenberries.  One of the best resources for Paleo guidelines is over at Mark’s Daily Apple. Check it out if you need a bit of help getting started.

Here’s how our challenge is going to work:

On September 6th show up at the gym for your Group WOD. Pay your nickel (or $5 in this case.) Get one of the coaches to record your weigh-in. Get one of the coaches to snap your “before” photo. Do the wods. The first is achieving your 1 rep max thruster. The second is a famous “baseline” workout. Your results must be recorded at Beyond The Whiteboard!

There will be a large sheet on the wall that will have your name on it. When you have eaten Paleo or Zone honestly, put a check-mark in your row. If you caved in and pulled a donut out of the box at the office, mark an “X” in your row.

Booze. Arguably, booze would have existed in some sort of fermented format back in Paleo days. Apples laying on the ground for a week or two… caveman has got to eat. Cider is discovered. Caveman awakes wondering whereabouts of loincloth. You are allowed 4 days in the next 30 for imbibing. Mark a “B” in your row when you get into the cups. Partake on a 5th day during this challenge? You just earned an “X” even though you ate strict Paleo or Zone.

On Day 30 show up at the gym for your group WOD. Get one of the coaches to record your weigh-in. Get one of the coaches to record your “after” photo. Do the wods. The first is achieving your 1 rep max thruster. The second is a famous “baseline” workout. Your results must be recorded at Beyond The Whiteboard!

Points are awarded for 1./ Weight Lost 2./ Gain in pounds in the 1RM thruster 3./ Difference in time on the Baseline WOD 4./ The total number of “checkmarks” in your row 5./ “Before and After” photos will be judged and points awarded for improvement in body appearance.

The person with the most points wins the purse. To be awarded at a bash to be held in early October.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to talk to any of the coaches. We’re here to help you succeed at this challenge. We know you’re going to feel awesome at the end of it. You won’t want to go back to your old eating habits. Actually, I’ll encourage you to eat that old garbage at the end of the challenge. Just one meal. You’ll feel awful and fully appreciate what the proper fuel does for your body.

Good Luck!