How did day 1 go? I know a few of you were caught off-guard by the quick start to Nutrition Challenge. So, free “Check mark” for Day 1.

Yesterday’s post would make you think that our Nutrition Challenge is focused squarely on eating Paleo. We’re not trying to convince you all to go Paleo. No need to go through a family pack of T-Bones in a day and suck the marrow out of the bones. Bones that are held by fingers with increasingly hairy knuckles. The Zone is also an excellent way to fuel the tank!

Back in 2003, wrote an article on The Zone. Click here for the full article CrossFit Zone Nutrition. The Zone is really not that different from Paleo. The Zone focuses on quality foods. The article linked above lays out an excellent example of the types of carbs you should be eating. You should become familiar with what foods are classified as a “low glycemic load” and “high glycemic load”.  Low-glycemic = good. You will be surprised what is classified as high-glycemic.

When I started CrossFit I thought they were kidding when they said that bread “had to go”. I’d never heard of such a thing! However, do a quick google search on “phytates” and you’ll discover that humans aren’t designed to consume them. Today’s bread is full of it! Anyhow, about 3 weeks into my CrossFit career, I strictly began following The Zone. I had my measuring cups on hand. I counted almonds. I measured my “blocks”. This change in diet was a “game changer”! The fat evaporated. My times improved vastly at the gym. I was starting to catch up to the regulars in the gym.

Here’s one more article from 15_03_Nutrition_Full_Issue Please read! It came out in 2006. Nothing has changed.

Again, feel free to raise any concerns or questions with your coaches. This is going to be a great Nutrition Challenge. You owe it to yourself to stop handicapping your fitness and health with garbage food.