How’s it going? Having the “getting-off-sugar” shakes? It gets easier!

So, we have 47 entries in this challenge! If I countmy fingers and toes correctly, that’s going to be a $235 pot! This is certainly worth the effort.

I think a few in the gym are already out of contention. There were some screaming times on that Baseline Workout.

I have not received the $5 payment from everyone yet, so please ensure you get it in by Monday or we’re gonna have to draw scowling faces on your grid.

The grid is up for you to put your checkmarks and “x” in. If you can’t find your name on the grid, let us know!

Michael sent out a few PDFs today for meal ideas. Here’s a link to a huge pdf Paleo Cookbook that I use on a regular basis. Easy recipes. Good grub. Paleo Cookbook – Paleo Eating For Modern People

Keep up the good work!