Errol and I came up with the following values years ago. We embrace these values. Whenever we are faced with a difficult decision we refer back to our values. Here they are:

1. Make it awesome! – Good is not good enough, make it awesome, so awesome that people talk about it. Always deliver beyond any preconceived expectations. Ask “how can I give more or be more?”.

2. Always improving and learning – Hunger for wisdom. Never stop trying to be better. Read books, attend courses, watch videos, find mentors, and continually seek opportunities for personal and professional development. Finally, teach what you learn to others, conceptualizing and internalizing your thoughts and ideas.

3. Be an authentic leader – Practice what you preach. Be a story that inspires others to follow.

4. Be courageous – Don’t let fear stop you, use it to motivate you. Know what’s most important to our organization and make courageous decisions in accordance with those values. Embrace change.

5. Have fun but work hard – Turn work into play and find passion in what you do.

6. Love unconditionally – Be a good person. Be kind. Give more. Think win win. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

7. Accept responsibility – Give no excuses. Take ownership of mistakes. There are no failures, only opportunities to learn.

So when CrossFit HQ, namely founder and CEO Greg Glassman, responded to the current movement to end systematic racism and police brutality with deplorable comments, the decision was easy to make. Black lives matter! Our community has and always will be an inclusive community. We do not support anything that is so misaligned with our values. As a result, we will be dropping our affiliation with CrossFit HQ.

What will change at the gym? Very little. Our relationship with CrossFit has been an affiliation. We pay an annual affiliation fee, we keep up-to-date with their Certifications, we get to use the word ‘CrossFit’ in marketing. How we program, teach people, coach, and run our business is completely up to us. We still believe in the Crossfit methodology as an effective means for general fitness. The workouts, the coaching, the community will be the same it has always been. After all, CrossFit didn’t invent the burpee, thruster or the clean and jerk. They have nothing to do with Wodify, Festivus or how we determine our workouts. We took on the name Rocky Point Fitness and Health Club in 2015 and we are excited to continue to be part of a beautiful community that is kind, good and looks after each other.

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