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DODGEBALL tonight at 7:30PM. Bring your war face.

The first installment of WOD League gets underway tomorrow from 10AM to Noon. Bring your war face.

And stay tuned, big announcement coming out today on our FB Page. Bring your war face.

Barbell Stability Warm-Up (No Measure)

Jog 400M
Mobility Drills
1.Arm circles
2.Leg kicks
3.Neck Rolls
4.Hip Circles
5.Knees circles
6.Samson Stretch
With a Barbell, do 6-10 reps:
Right/Left Hand Suitcase deadlift
Right/Left Hand Suitcase Lunge
Right/Left Hand Barbell Squat
Right/Left Hand Overhead Squat
Right/Left Overhead Lunge

Bar always points forward and back – AND Make SUre You Give Your Neighbor Some Uh-Oh Room!

Floor Press (5-5-5-5-5)

Spotters a must

In between sets perform:

10 Trap 3 Raises per side
2.5lbs if done right is very challenging

04112014 (Time)

Push Press 155/105#

Progression Weight:
Ring Rows