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Reminder! This Saturday there will be VPD ERT on hand raising funds for the Larry Young Memorial Scholarship. There will be ERT tshirts ($25) and Race Registrations for the June 1st 5KM Run ($30 – includes a tshirt!). There are great prizes to be had!

PentathaWOD Registration is live and selling fast. Get a buddy and team up in the RX or Scaled division. Or have a crack at the RX division on your own. Register here.

And we’re heading out to Maple Ridge Paintball on Sunday June 8th. (Aaron vs the Gym)

Run 800m (No Measure)

Followed by a Coach Led Stretch

Bench Press (1-1-1-1-1-1-1)

05222014 EMOM Deads & Weight PUs (2 Rounds for weight)

On the Minute x 12
Odd – 5 Hang Power Cleans
Even – 5 Weighted Pull-ups (Or as strict a pullup as possible)

Score is:
Round 1 = Total weight in Hang Power Cleans
Round 2 = Total Weight on PullUps