<—- Rosie. Another PR at the O-Lift Seminar

For anyone thinking of getting into competitive CrossFit, mark this on your calendars. On December 10th, a contingent of Rocky Point CrossFitters will be heading to CrossFit Overdrive in Richmond for a friendly throw down. There will be an individual WOD and then a team WOD. We will be hosting CrossFit Overdrive the following Saturday December 16th. Same format. Host gym gets to pick the WODs. If you are RXing most of your WODs and are interested in giving this a shot, let me know as soon as possible so we can get organized.

Today’s Workout:

3 Sets of:

30 Seconds held in an L Sit

30 Seconds held in a handstand

30 Seconds inverted on rings


Clean and Jerk


If you missed yesterday’s WOD and would prefer to do it, you are welcome to it. I do ask you give your Clean and Jerk 1RM a shot as your warmup. Have a great day my friends!!!