The CrossFit Games 2012 have begun! Click here to see Rocky Point CrossFit’s Team Profile. You’ll be able to track individual standings at this link. There’s not much in the way of standings at the moment. But tune in on Saturday night. We should all be done the first round by then.

We are curling Saturday from 3-6 at the Richmond Curling Club. Please let me know if there are any last minute decisions to join. We should be able to accommodate. The following is from Norm who will be herding us cats out of the hack.

“Yes my fellow CrossFitters, the curling rock has some similar properties as the Kettlebell.

The curling rock is close to 40lbs.
The curling rock has a handle.
The curling rock is slightly larger in size and made of mostly marble.

I can just see my fellow CrossFitters who are participating in Saturday’s fun curling games to give it a go with a little warm-up before curling by swinging the curling rock a few hundred times. Ahhh, I’m sure the ice technician will wonder what the hell these folks are doing at first, but soon thereafter will panic a little. One thing I will remind everyone before we curl on Saturday is to always keep the curling rocks on the ice, all the time. If you need to move them from one spot to the other, just slide it along the ice. Never lift it up with your arms and walk around with it. I see this often with new curlers. It could damage the ice if dropped, and could also damage the rock which are very expensive.

Other tips before you head out:
* Bring clean pair of runners
* Wear warm clothes, in layers because sometimes when you sweep, you will get warmer.
* A touque if you are a cold natured person
* A pair of light gloves could be handy
* The club has brooms available and the slippery part for when you slide out of the hack (the starting blocks if you compare it to a 100 yard Olympic event)
We’ll cover most of these during my quick intro course before we battle with slipping folks in 4 teams, then we play 3 short games against the other teams. See you Saturday!!”

Today’s Workout


For time:
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards