Well it’s been a fantastic week!! There has been a great atmosphere in the gym and everyone has been pushing really hard! I’de like to give a shout out to Patricia, Zach and Darren for crushing some sprints today, to timbo slice for stepping up on the partner WOD day and taking Zach for the ride of his life, and to Fernando for smashing out the hero WOD RX!

A couple of quick updates:

1. Parm’s Olifting has been cancelled and will be moved to a later date. We’ll give a little more notice next time it comes around, but it sounds like early September.

2. Sunil, Joe, Casey, and Dave will be competing this weekend in Crossfit BC’s firefighters challenge downtown, details can be found here http://www.crossfitbc.com/my_weblog/2012/07/vancouver-fire-rescue-crossfit-bc-challenge.html

“Intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with favourable adaptation” -Gregg Glassman. Who’s heard me say this before? Who understands what it means? Simply put, if you want change in your body you need to push hard! I know I know, everyone at the gym will claim that they’re pushing hard, in fact not just hard but as hard as they can right?! But why do some people make gains faster than others? Sometimes i’m here to give you the bitter truth, and the truth is that some people know how to push themselves harder than others. The good news is that this skill can be acquired by anyone! There’s several things that can help but i’ll give you the two most effective strategies:

1. Start logging your work into beyond the whiteboard and start aiming to beat your scores and times, I can’t stress the importance of this enough.

2. During a WOD start to listen to your inner dialogue, is it telling you that this is too hard, you can’t go on, that you just can’t handle any more or another rep? Or is it telling you that you can handle this, buck up and get to work, it’s not really that bad you can try harder, the end is near so lets finish with a bang!

I promise you that if you start having a time or goal to beat, and you correct any negative dialogue with encouraging dialogue during the WOD, you’ll find new levels of intensity. And with higher levels of intensity, you’ll find the fitness gains that you’re after.


Warm: Hollow rocks and handstands

Tech: Power Snatch 5 x 2reps


8min AMRAP

Power Snatch x 4 (80% of max 2 rep from above)

Handstand Pushup x 6

-Errol Clark