What a great day yesterday for the CrossFit Total. It’s always a thrill for me to watch people go for their 1-rep-max the first or second time around. It can be a little scary! Big congrats on all the new Personal Records set. I think everyone walked away from with a new 1RM in every lift! Congrats!!!!!!

If you have not seen them already, we have new membership cards for everyone in the gym!

Yours is in the back office. Go ahead and find it. When you arrive for a class, please scan it at the new display at the front door. My apologies, the bar code scanner can only see about 1 centimeter away. So line up the barcode in a straight line and press it right up to the reader. 😉

Hey! The “Best Shape of my Life” Nutrition Challenge gets under way  tomorrow. If you are participating, click on over to the Nutrition Blog for a refresher on the details and Jen’s last minute notes on how this event is going to unfold. Part of the challenge is to measure your performance with “Karen”. No. No. No. Not that Karen. See below. So that will be today’s WOD.

The weekend is upon us already. Regular schedule: 9 and Noon Group WODs on Saturday (beware, I have had a birthday WOD request for Saturday) mobwod at 1 with Errol. Sunday has the 11AM Group WOD and Yoga at noon. Have a great weekend! I hope to see you.

Today’s Workout – Karen:

Recall, “Rest Days” are now “Benchmark Days”. May the PR fairy bless thee again today. Speaking of blessings, I have restocked the chalk bucket, please refrain from blessing the entire gym with it’s contents.


For time:

150 Wallball shots, 6-20 pound ball

Performance & RX

150 Wallball shots, 20/14 pound ball