Hope you all have a great weekend.

Reminder: We are closed Holiday Monday. Hope you have a soooooper day!

Reminder: Last call for White Water Rafting. You must call and register with Chiliwack River Rafting. Say you are in the Rocky Point CrossFit group and make a deposit for everyone you are bringing. If you want to bring friends and family, feel free!!!! Call  1(800) 410 7238 to register. Those that have registered, let’s meet at the gym parking lot around 10:15 and leave by 10:30. My cell is 6043402978. Let me know if you are running late.

Reminder: Our Yoga Sage Spenser is back in action and running the Yoga WOD on Sunday at Noon. Loosen up would ya?!

Reminder: While Errol is abroad, the MobWods, normally held at 1PM on Saturdays will be put on hold. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Reminder: Looking for something to do on Saturday or Sunday? Swing by the Golden Spike Festival at Rocky Point Park. Do a quick WOD with Ty and Jen, then go drink some beer and eat fish and chips. Or reverse that order and go feed the seagulls afterwards! 😉 Ha!

Today’s Workout:

Partner WOD! This one comes to us from Dr Feelgood (I didn’t make up the nickname…Errol did. I hope that answers any questions) This is a WOD his daughter Meryl had to do when she moved from her CrossFit gym in Wisconsin.

Event 1
5 min AMRAP KB swings, 24/16kg

Event 2
5 min AMRAP meters rowed

Event 3
5 min AMRAP burpees

Event 4
For time: Ground to Overhead, Men 7000lb/Women 4700lb/Coed 5850lb

A team will consist of 2 people, men, women, or coed. For all events only one person can work at a time. There are no restrictions on how many times you can switch who’s working. Count total reps/meters/time for score.