<—– Welcome Adam! Great start! Now this makes Adam #5 or 6 in the gym. Uncertain of a guy’s name in the gym? Try Ryan or Adam. Probabilities are good you’ll get it right.

We’ve got another great video compiled by the gym’s own Sam. Yo Check it!

A word about our programming this past week: We are switching to CrossFit HQ programming. This means that the WOD that appears at HQ is the one we will be doing at the gym. This programming follows a “3 Day on, 1 Day Rest” schedule. The studies behind this schedule prove you will maximize your intensity during your workouts and realize the greatest recovery. (I’ll discuss intensity, work capacity and fitness in a future blog entry) Try and fit into the “3 on, 1 off” schedule at our gym. Of course, we know that your schedule will not always allow this. SO, on those indicated “Rest days”, come in and pick up one of the wods from the previous 3 days that you missed.

On those “Rest days”, we will set-up the usual warm-ups and tech that you have come to know. The time generally allocated for the WOD will then be used for the WOD that you missed. Your coach will get you set-up for any of the 3 WODs and coach you through it. If you are following the “3 on, 1 off” schedule we’d like you to use the rest day to….well rest! If you absolutely must come into the gym, we want you to take it easy. Do some mobility.  Work on a goat. Grab a mop and clean up some chalk. Relax.

The “3 on, 1 off” schedule will run through the weekend as well. After January we will be offering more times throughout the week to allow you better access to the schedule.

We have done a number of CrossFit HQ WODs since we started. So you needn’t worry that we are getting into more difficult workouts. The occasional one comes along that even makes me nervous. But this is CrossFit. We scale as necessary! Ego must never come before technique!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let your coach know. We are very excited about this change in programming and look forward to even more results from our hard working athletes.

Today’s Workout: Rest Day

After Warm-up, complete 4 rounds of:

20 GHD Sit-ups

3 Rope Climbs

5 Muscleups or muscleup progression


Your choices from the last 3 days are:

Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

3 X 800m Run 2 minutes rest between rounds

Snatch Balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1