Hey! have a great Thanksgiving weekend! Easy to keep it Paleo. Turkey. Cranberries. Mashed Cauliflour. Gravy. Yeah!

Reminder, we will be closed Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Reminder, after the Noon WOD, join us for another SPEAR Personal Defense Readiness class. $40 for 4 weeks. Worth every penny.

Today’s Workout:

Spend 15 Minutes in general warmup and joint mobility.

You might have noticed a lack of running the last two weeks. We’ve had to address some changes, but we’re ready to hit the road once again.

Depending on the class you attend today, you will either be:

WOD A ~ Run 1 Mile, rest 3 minutes. Run 1200m, rest 2 minutes. Run 800m, rest 1 minute. Run 400m, rest as long as you want.

WOD B ~Up the alley and to the hill. 10 sets of 30 second Hill Sprints.

See you at the gym!