One more sleep!

The WODS are at the bottom of this post! If you are competing on the weekend you are welcome to come into the gym today to do joint mobility or do active recovery. No WODs! And an 8:30 curfew too.

Just a reminder, there will be no classes today due to the event. But c’mon by and cheer on your fellow Rocky Point CrossFitters! BBQ starts around 3:30.

One more note, there will be no Yoga this Sunday or next. Spenser is off on a spiritual journey that will take him to the outer realms of his experience to return renewed and pure like a lotus. Actually, I think he’s just going fishing.

Today’s Workout:

Plank – front facing 60 seconds
Plank – Side 30 seconds
Plank – front cafing 60 seconds
Plank – Other side 30 seconds
Plank – Front Facing 60 seconds

take a breather

Max Effort L-Sit Hold


4 Rounds:
5 X Deadlift
rest 10-15 seconds then:
6-8 hand stand pushups (or 1 Wall walk and hold for 30 seconds)


35 Thrusters 35-45#
35 KB Swings 12-25#
35 Hang Power Cleans 35-45#35 Burpees
35 Push Press 35-45#

50 Thrusters 95/65
50 KB Swings 20/12
50 Hang Power Cleans 95/65
50 Burpees
50 Push Press 95/65

50 Thrusters 115/75
50 KB Swings 24/16
50 Hang Power Cleans 115/75
50 Burpees
50 Push Press 115/75

Ā I lied….the WODs for the RPCFO Community Competition are not here. Check our facebook page later on today. šŸ˜‰