Don’t forget, we have the OLY Lift Seminar tomorrow from 1-4PM. We have a couple of spots left if you are interested. This is going to be a great session with Parm and Sophia Phangura. Click here if you would like to go.

All classes are a go this weekend with the exception of Yoga on Sunday. Spencer is off for one more weekend in the search of enlightenment and the best baby back ribs in the Lower Mainland. Yoga resumes next Sunday.

If you have not seen the event brewing on Facebook, check it out. Sunday October 14th we’re heading out to Maple Ridge Paintball. It has been Billed Team Ty vs Team Tom. Alright alright.

Today’s Workout

 Mobility Warmup

Test bottom of Narrow Squat with feet together
Pick a few Ankle Mobility WOD’s and perform for 10 minutes
Re-test Narrow Squat

AMRAP 2 Minutes
Med Ball Clean X 15
Ball Slam X 15

rest 3 minutes
AMRAP 1 Minute
Double/Single Unders

rest 5 minutes

Death by Power Clean – For 15 Minutes
On the first minute complete one power clean
On the second minute complete two
On the third minute complete three Etc