Sergei would do more pull-ups if he wasn’t so concerned with the camera. 😉

Weekend Schedule:

9AM & Noon Group on Saturday

10AM Mobility Wod – Saturday

11AM Group WOD – Sunday

NoonYoga – Sunday

Today’s Workout:

We’re going to do a little something different today. CrossFit Seattle has a nice system they use to help a CrossFitter determine where they are at in their CrossFit career. Over the next few weeks, we’ll spend a couple of days visiting the movements on the sheets below:

Skill Level I Training Eval Sheet

Skill Level II Training Eval Sheet

Skill Level III Training Eval Sheet

Skill Level IV Training Eval Sheet

Please have a look at the attached and print off the sheets to bring in. Spend the hour tackling a few items on the lists. Work with a partner!!!!! Ensure you take a nice break between attempts.