It’s official! 16.3 is behind us and that puts us into the last half of The Opens.

How has it been for you?

2016 is the second year that CrossFit has had a scaled division. I love it. I love seeing all of you push aside fear and give it your all. The great results have been exactly as I hoped. Here’s a quick look at the men and women that have been competing Scaled in this year’s Opens.

Before starting one of the heats I asked one of the women, “How are you feeling?”

“Good! This feels like it’s the Olympics!”.

And that’s the terrifying and alluring aspect of doing these WODs. You do many workouts a week. They are pretty much the same thing you experience in the Opens. But add one person with a clipboard and a handful of spectators and it becomes a whole new experience. There’s always the threat of failure in the middle of a regular WOD, but now you have a judge who’ll note the exact time you fail. At least that’s what we think. Everyone has persevered. And that always puts a big smile on my face. To see you get to the edge of your comfort zone, then take a step beyond it. Your realm of experience grows and grows each time you experience an Open WOD. Congratulations. 2 more to go!

There were a few notable items from this past weekend.

Sonny Sarai, while practicing a Chest to Bar pullup, demonstrated the not-so-effective standard of Teeth-To-Bar pullups. Three pieces of veneer ricocheted from the bar. Not knowing better, the pieces were collected and put on ice. Fortunately Dr Herberts was on the scene. After a quick assessment, a reassured Sonny laughed it off, put forth a tremendous effort, then met Dr Herberts back at the shop for some unscheduled work. Mission accomplished. 16.3 in the books and a new grill to match. By the way, Dr Herberts had a great result. The Dr currently sits in 16th in Canada West in the RX Men 55-59 Division.

Our amazing new Coach, Janel, remains the top athlete in our gym. Week after week Janel has left the men scratching their heads trying to figure out how to catch her. So far there hasn’t been a movement to stump her. She has no weak spots. A testament to all to “WORK ON WHAT YOU SUCK AT!” When you focus on improving your weaknesses your overall performance will improve. Thanks for setting the bar so high Janel!

Robert Davie performed one of the most spectacular bar dismounts since Burgandy fell from the heavens last year in CAL. In gymnastics, a “Kip” is defined as the required maneuver to translate horizontal energy into vertical energy. With a bit too much chalk on his hands, Robbie generated significant horizontal energy but lost his grip at a crucial moment. Rather than moving vertically, Robbie defined a shallow parabola through space. The open bay door provided a lovely backdrop to Robbie’s physics experiment that concluded that gravity is always on. Robbie dusted himself off and got back to the WOD. Tough as nails!!!!!!

2016 marked the first year of the “Bar Muscle-Up”. With that gymnastic standard satisfied you might conclude that the Ring Muscle-Up has been shelved until next year. Stay tuned. I wouldn’t put it past HQ to ensure you have a clear sail for the final two WODs. My prediction? A wallball, Ring MuscleUp combo. My hat goes off (if I wore a hat) to everyone that put in 10 Sntaches then spent 6 minutes on getting that first Bar Muscle Up. So close for all of you! It’s that display of effort that gets a crusty old coach a little misty.

Before looking at the top RX standings in RPCF, I’d just like to point out, never in the 6 years that Rocky Point has been doing this have our women been so good. The evolution of the Opens has been rapid. In our experience, there were many Open WODs in the past that the RPCF women were not able to complete. Be it the  weight too much or the gymnastics too difficult. This is not the case in 2016! There are many women, and more developing, that are building the foundation for a very strong future. Keep it up!

Below are the top 10 RX athletes in RPCF.
Alright the Opens are almost done. Great news, the Competition season is just around the corner. There are numerous CrossFit events that run from April until November. There is Festivus that will be right here at RPCF in April and October. This is the first you are hearing of it, RPCF will be running it’s annual July Long Weekend Event again in 2016. It has been called PentathaWOD for the last three years. After long discussions, minor arguments, and a lot of sushi Errol and Tom are reformating the 2 day event and renaming it The CanWest Games. Stay tuned, more information to come.

There are also all of these events to consider as well (The Kamloops Event – Sweatfest is a blast!)

Crossfit Games West Regional – Portland: End of May

604 Throwdown – Vancouver:

Festivus x 2 – April 14th & October ?

Stones & Strength – Squamish: End of June

The CanWest Games – July 2nd & 3rd

Sweatfest – Natural Strength Crossfit – Kamloops: August 5th-7th

Confederation Cup – Crossfit Burnaby: End of August

Nutts Cup – Crossfit Vancouver:  End of August

BeachCity Benchmark – BCCF – Beginning of September

Reuben’s Throwdown – Port Moody: Mid September

Wodtoberfest – Bodyshop Crossfit – West Kelowna: Mid October

Fraser Valley Throwdown – Abbotsford: End of October

CF South Delta – Mid-November

Winter Challenge – Richmond: Mid November

CFBC Masters – Vancouver: End of November

Canadian Affiliate League – Spring – Summer and Fall Leagues

We’ll keep you posted as these events approach, but keep in mind these events sell out fast! They are a lot of fun! Have a great week of training. We’ll see you at the gym.