What is fitness? What does fitness mean to you? If you’ve never read Gregg’s article and Crossfit’s definition of fitness, please do so here http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/CFJ_Trial_04_2012.pdf

Understanding why you train is a vital part of your progress and consistency. Some train for performance gains, others for vanity and others for general health. Is one better than the other? Glassman, as well as I, will hold no judgement on why you train and what motivates you. Clearly understanding and defining what fitness means to you will keep you on track in time of need and set the road map for your final destination. Personally I primarily train for functionality, vitality, and to feed my need of constantly improving myself. Fitness means health to me above all else and an ability to perform athletic task into my ripe old age. I’de be lying if I said I don’t train to “look better” but it’s a bi-product or bonus result of my other motivations, not the driving force. In my opinion, training solely for vanity is a slippery slope… and one with dangerous consequences. Although it may well be one of the strongest motivators amongst them all,  seek to find other reasons, reasons that will provide lasting happiness and prolonged health.

Also, how many of you can honestly say that they took my advice and talked to someone about partnering up and holding each other accountable? I took a quick tally yesterday in a busy class and got a whopping zero! It’s worth repeating, a training partner will get you to where you wanna be faster, and with more consistency…. don’t be afraid to ask someone 😉

A quick mention in case you missed yesterdays post, Parm is running another Olympic lifting seminar this weekend on Saturday from 1pm-3pm. Cost is just $50 for RPCF members and you’ll get a ton out of this seminar. Those that are interested, simply place your name on the whiteboard or talk to a coach about it.

Down to business, da WOD:

Warm: Shoulder prep, handstand holds, and handstand walks

Tech: 20mins to find a Push Press 2RM


10min AMRAP

Pull Up x 6

Push Press x 8 (115 / 75) RX (Scale as needed)

Sit Up x 10

-Errol Clark