G’ Day! Have you check out the meat in our freezer lately? All of our meat is from Hill Foods, in Coquitlam. They sell top-quality wild game meats, and organic meats. It’s also now convientialty brought right to your gym freezer! Come in for a WOD and grab some meat on your way out the door, its a one stop shop.

Last weekend I decided to be adventurous and throw some Kangaroo sliders on the barbie. They were absolutely delicious. Kangaroo is a nice dark meat similar to ground beef. Imagine a cow and deer got it on in a non-creepy way, the result would be beef-meets-venison flavour= kangaroo!

BBQ Tips:

These little guys don’t take very long to cook. We cooked them 4 mins per side and they were cooked all the way through. If you like your meat a little less well-done then cook them for less.