A precious resource for the successful execution of these sorts of Events are judges. No question, these men and women have the most stressful job of the day, they can’t relax and enjoy the events around them as they have to remain focused on repetitive tasks, and they do it for free!!!!!!!! Be sure to thank a judge today. They’d love to be competing or watching the action, but instead they have to be crouched down ensuring legit reps


Our Head Judge for PentathaWOD is Tom Parker (He’s married to “Veronica” from the Team Betty & Veronica). Tom has been a member of Rocky Point for over 3 years. He’s an avid competitor and a generous volunteer. He’s decisive and fair and that’s why we are grateful to have him on our floor today. These are the same reasons why CrossFit HQ selected Tom to be a judge at the upcoming CrossFit Games. TomP2

It should come as no surprise that CrossFit HQ relies heavily on volunteers for the successful execution of the Big Show. They’ll feed and clothe Tom, but he’s got to get there and secure lodging on his own dime. We’d be grateful if you could spare a few dollars to Make Tom Parker Go Away to L.A. We’ll have a jar at the gym for you to deposit a fiver or fin. We’ll also be running a 50/50 draw over the course of the weekend. Or if you have become part of the cashless society you can send him some bux through PayPal. Use the email address: redlotusphotography@hotmail.com