DSC_0015We’d like to know by next Friday if you are coming on the Whitewater Rafting trip July 11th to 13th. Let me know if you have any questions. Head over to our FB page for more info and a link to register.

All weekend classes are a go. Grab a WOD, some MOB, then YOGa. ūüôā Have a great weekend and best of luck to the Rocky Point Wallballers doing the Spartan Race in North Van on Saturday.

CrossFit FirefighterWe say farewell to one of great members, James Harcus. James has been hired on by the Port Coquitlam Fire Department! Congrats brother! We’re hoping to have him back after his probationary period. James had these kind words to say:

“In just over a year of fitness from Rocky Point Crossfit my life changed in such a positive way.¬† Tom, Tyler and Errol all instilled such a confidence in me that helped me reach goals in my life that I wouldn’t thought possible.¬† I joined Rocky Point Crossfit because I wanted to take my fitness more seriously.¬† The men and women at RPCF helped me reach my goals in a positive and encouraging atmosphere that you will not find at any other conventional gym.¬† I reached my career goal of become a career firefighter with the fitness and confidence I gained from Rocky Point Crossfit.¬† If you have a goal, you will reach it with the help from Rocky Point Crossfit.”

Today’s Workout:
3 Rounds or 10 minutes
15 Ring V Outs
10 Jumping Lunges
5 Hand Stand Pushups (or stinkbugs)

Widowmakers 20 Reps Backsquat – Once you start, you cannot stop. Pick a weight that will challenge. Record this weight, you’ll see this one again in the future.

For time: 75 Power Snatches, (RX 75/55 lbs) (Perf 65/55lbs) (Fit45/35)