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It’s May! Here’s to longer days and not having to crank up the heat before the 6AM class gets started (nothing like a cold bar to get your blood moving). We’ll be able to work in a little more running, keep the doors open and get outdoor BFIT days organized.

Rocky Point Tough Mudder Team
Speaking of outdoors, I’ve got myself registered to do Canada’s Toughest Mudder on June 17th. It starts at Midnight and goes until 8AM. In that time I’ve got to complete as many loops of a 5 mile obstacle course as possible. If anyone is feeling the urge to test their fitness with me, let me know. If not (and I don’t blame you…what have I got myself into?) have you considered doing the regular or half Tough Mudder? It’d be great to put a Rocky Point team together.  If the team ran on Sunday I’d jump in with you after a little nap! Talk to myself or Patrick about joining the team.

Also, if you have any friends who are planning on doing the Tough Mudder with you, tell them to get prepared! Otherwise you are going to be standing around freezing your tail waiting for them to catch up to you. Tell them about the Rocky Point Tough Mudder camp. Quick basic training to prep them for the rigours of the race. If they sign up, you can join them in the camp for free!

Festivus April 2017
We ran Festivus on April 22nd. It was an absolute pleasure to see so many from Rocky Point participate. I love Festivus. It’s the sort of event that you don’t need to commit additional time to prepare for or recover from. Hitting up the Group Class 3 or 4 times a week, taking the occasional Power Class and you’re all set. And thanks so much to everyone that volunteered to help with judging, equipment and keeping the energy upbeat. The next one is in October; this will be a partner competition. We’ll give Rocky Point plenty of early notice before we open it up to the rest of the Lower Mainland community. We’ve been through a lot of photos and polished up the first batch of RP people. We just posted an album on FB.

CanWest Games Qualifiers
The CanWest Games Qualifiers kick off later this week. We’ve got 5 weeks with a new WOD each week. We’ll get together on Saturday mornings to help each other out. This Saturday we’ll kick things off with a BBQ. If you have not registered, take a look and use the code TomSentYa. We’ve got a category for all age groups; the Scaled divisions have customized WODs.

Rowing Clinic
Patrick is just about to wrap up his first rowing clinic. I spoke with many who took part and everyone experienced improvements in their technique. Things I never knew. I asked one who was putting tape on the rail on the rower what he was doing. “Oh I’m marking the spot where Patrick is allowing me to roll to on the in stroke”. Seemed to work, as his 500M row at Festivus was is fastest. My cousin from CF Chiliwack took a whopping 10 seconds off her 500M row at Festivus using Patrick’s advice. We’ll be organizing the next rowing clinic to start in the near future.

Nutrition Guide
Nutrition is the most important aspect in a person’s health. “You are what you eat” and “You can’t out-train bad nutrition” are 100% true. Trouble is, there is so much conflicting information out there as to what you should be eating. Just like my workout routine, I look at my nutrition strategy as “Is this something I can maintain everyday for the rest of my life?” Whenever I feel myself straying, I always revert back to what got me such great results when I first started CrossFit 8 years ago. Simplicity. If you haven’t had a look recently, review The Whole 9 Nutrition Guide. Share with everyone at home and in your workplace. A simple strategy that works.

New Coaches
Leah Jensen and Rosilyn Tegart have been working incredibly hard on their Coach Apprenticeship. They have already started several 1-on-1 PT sessions and are finding their voice training the class. If you know someone who might benefit from their unique coaching perspective please let me know.

Happy May Day everyone! Stay tuned to Wodify for breaking news and event updates.

See you at the gym.