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Nutts Cup Crew

Congrats to Bonnie, Katrina, Kate, Jon, Jordan, Mike, Jared, Fernando and Tom on a great showing at Nutts Cup 2014, one of BCs original and most difficult CF competitions. Many thanks to those that came out out to cheer!

BFIT DAY – Praetorian Race
We have a small team from RPCF heading out this Saturday to Abbotsford for the Praetorian Race.
Our time slot is 11:30AM
Our pace will be “Civilized”.
Our goal, to complete the 6KM course and have a lot of laughs.
If you haven’t tried one of these Adventure Races, this is the ideal one to do.
To sign-up go to:
Look for Team “RPCF”, Password “RPCF” and use the code “Praet15″ for a 15% discount
Then let Coach Tom know and we’ll carpool from the gym.

BFIT DAY – Black Tusk Hike
We’ll journey to Rubble Creek early Saturday August 30th.
We’ll hike to Garibaldi Lake where the crew that plan to camp overnight can stow their gear. Then we’ll continue up to Black Tusk!
There are several who are planning on making this a day-trip. Definately doable. Total distance is 29KMs.
But I’m looking forward to spending the night in Alpine Meadows, hot coffee in the morning, and peeing behind bushes.
I’ll rig up the trailer to haul gear to the trailhead.
There will be a sign-up/Carpool Sheet on the corkboard Monday Morning.
Here is some more information on the hike:

Run/Dead Bugs/Squats/Stretch (No Measure)

Run 400m
10 dead bugs
30 seconds couch stretch per side
10 clamshells per side
30 second super front rack stretch
10 goblet squats
30 second ankle stretch per side
10 squat jumps

Tabata Air Squats (AMRAP – Reps)

20 Seconds on
10 Seconds off
8 Rounds.

Score is that round with the fewest reps (And they better be pretty reps)

Tabata Double Unders (AMRAP – Reps)

20 Seconds on
20 Seconds off
8 Rounds

Score is that round with the fewest reps.

No substitutions 😉

Gomez (Weight)

5 attempts
1 mid thigh hang squat clean
1 below the knee hang squat clean
Full clean
1 mid thigh hang squat clean
1 below the knee hang squat clean
Full clean
1 mid thigh hang squat clean
1 below the knee hang squat clean
Full clean

Following the format of bear complex, once the bar leaves ground for the first clean, it cannot rest until the split jerk
Working up to a heavy single. Rest as required between sets.

Fitness and Performance: If you are still getting comfortable with Squat Cleans, please attempt to get as low into your Power Clean as possible for this workout.

This one is not timed. Your score will be that complex completed at the highest weight.