Hey! Hope you had a great weekend. Get out there and apply your CrossFit training? I did! 2 peaks. 25 KMs and plenty of climbing. Watched my dumb dog swim in an alpine pond that still had ice in it then tear after a raven on the edge of cliff. Moron.

Saturday WOD was cool. Interval training on a bunch of stuff we don’t regularly see during a timed wod. Tire Flips, rope climbs, heavy bag drags, resistance sprints, loaded stair climbs, supine ring rows, ball slams. Good times!

—–> New Uber-CrossFitters, Jen and Mike.

Today’s workout:

With a partner:

10:00 Establish a new 1RM Jerk (Clean from the floor)

5:00: Wall Balls
5:00: Abmat Sit-ups
5:00: Box jumps
5:00: Pull-ups

One partner works, one rests. 1 minute rest between stations.