The Reward.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing you back at the gym.

The Nutts Cup is coming up next Saturday at CrossFit Vancouver. Myself, Prince, Dani, Joe, Viki and Ty will be competing. Action starts at 9AM. It’d be awesome to have some support! šŸ˜‰

Today’s Workout:

Warmup: 10 minutes Cartwheel Practice

PRACTICE for 10 minutes:

  • CartwheelĀ on Right Leg
  • CartwheelĀ on Left Leg
  • then:
  • Option A:
  • Close Grip Bench 5 RM (hands shoulder width apart)
    Front Squat 3 RM
  • or
  • Option B
  • 5 X max effort 100m Row

then: Ad this WOD is not for time. It is for load. So, take a minute or two between lifts:

Fifteen rounds of:
Power snatch followed immediately by five overhead squats.

Start light and add weight. Post loads to Beyond the Whiteboard.