On Saturday 8 of us went to CrossFit Overdrive in Richmond BC for a friendly Team WOD. 

We fared very well and had a great time.The Overdrive crew are a great bunch. We will be hosting them this Saturday at 11AM for another round of Team WODs. Check it out! The WOD will include OH Squats (95/65), Chest to bar pullups, double-unders and a crap-tonne (1 crap-tonne = 13,250 lbs) of kettlebell swings. Let me know if you want to give ‘er a go. If you can’t RX the mentioned movements, c’mon by none the less! Cheer us on! Group WOD to follow.

Click over to our facebook page for more photos from CF Overdrive.

If you have not seen this vid yet, have a look! Put it in full-screen. Humans doing amazing things!

Today is a designated “Rest Day”. Your choices from the past 3 days to follow the Warm-up:

Today’s Workout:

Five sets of:
Power Clean x 2.2.2
(rest 10 seconds between doubles)
Rest 3 minutes

WOD Choices (please note: we have the progressions for these WODs detailed on the whiteboard at the gym)

1./Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
Deadlift 155 pounds, 21 reps

2./Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Bench press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

3./Seven rounds for time of:
205 pound Clean, 3 reps
4 Ring handstand push-ups

Bonus WOD: Filthy 50

For time: 50 Box jumps 24 (inch box), 50 Jumping pull-ups, 50 Kettlebell swings (1 pood), Walking Lunge 50 steps, 50 Knees to elbows, 50 Push press (45 pounds), 50 Back extensions, 50 Wall ball shots (20 pound ball), 50 Burpees, 50 Double unders