Clockwise Top-Left: 1/Brian wringing out a towel 2/Erin taking time out from annoying project partners to put some serious weight overhead 3/ James 4/Brad using a dish cloth rather than a towel for pull-ups 5/Ty just luvin thrusters 6/Jeffer – same dish cloth 7/Cindy R/Xin’ the rope climb 8/Bobby – sportin’ new ink. 9/ Bonnie – consistently deadly form 10/Len getting a good sniff of his jeans 11/Brandi – making fast, big gains!

A very busy week ahead!

1/ Erin has cooked up another another batch of Paleo cookies! Bring sum bux. These evaporated by 6:30 last week. Erin has improved upon her recipe and made the cookies bigger than last week. Bigger, better cookies = $2. Worth it Bud. You know it!

2/ Holy Moley! CrossFit Games Open 12.1 WOD comes out this week. You have until Wednesday to register for the Games. Contact me if you need a hand or have any questions. Saturday 10AM to Noon we are throwing down the WOD. Spectators welcome and encouraged!

3/ Curling Saturday afternoon 3-6 at Richmond Curling Club. Only a few spots left. Contact me to join us for a lot of fun and the possibility of hearing Norm curse in French as he tries to coach us.

4/ Today is the first day we run a 4:30PM Weekday WOD! Get it done early. Go home and make Paleo dinner. Discuss CrossFit with friends and family who still think you’re nuts.

Today’s Workout:

10 minute warm-up then:

1 mile run for time.

rest 10 minutes.


50-75 Pull ups
50-75 Push ups
50-75 Sit ups
50-75 Squats
Sit ups should either be Ab Mat or full range anchored sit ups

Performance and R/X


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

We are looking for strict movement throughout this WOD. Coaches will put a halt to your alligator arm push-ups and semi-squats and call a “no-rep” on you. šŸ™ Make ’em count!

Have a great week!