Well the first couple of days back have been great. There is no better feeling then coming back from a holiday and being happy to be home and at work. I really do feel blessed every time I walk in our doors!! There is an amazing buzz rolling at the gym and tons of people have really stepped up since I’ve been away!! And I’m so proud of all our athletes!!

Today I have a question for you:

Who’s carrying you?

Ok I don’t mean physically even though we see that from time to time in our WOD’s šŸ˜‰ I mean who’s carry you to success? After coaching for over a decade I’ve found one thing in common with all successful athletes, they’ve found a training partner to help them get to where they want to be. Not only will a good training partner help motivate you to push to higher levels of performance and intensity, but they’ll be there for you when you find yourself in slump, tired, bored, or simply just not wanting to train for whatever reason. My challenge for you today is toĀ exchangeĀ numbers with at least one person at the box. Ask that person to call you and let you know when they plan to train and let them know that you’ll do the same. Start coming to the same classes together and make a commitment to each other to achieving your specific goals. You’de be amazed at how far a training partner can take you! We are all friends down here so don’t be shy about asking someone for their number. If you’re new and don’t feel comfortable in the community yet, speak to your coach and have them line you up with a more experienced athlete or someone that seems to be a good fit. If you doubt my philosophy or simply feel you don’t have the balls to ask someone, take a look at theĀ progressĀ that Dave and Sunny have made training together over the past few months. And ask them if they think they would have achieved the same results without each other.

Down to business, the WOD… Since I’m ranting about finding a training partner or two, it make sense to program a team WOD, so here it is:


Partner Carry 400m Run (Each)


Warm up your front squat, then pick a weight. Each partner will have one chance to squat it as many times as possible in one attempt. The total weight lifted per team wins. (Bar must be cleaned from the ground into the front rack position)


5min AMRAP

Snatch x 3 Reps @ 135 / 95

2min rest

8min AMRAP

Push up x7

Sprint 100m

– Errol Clark