Saturday Noon WOD Mayhem.

If you have not made a Saturday Noon WOD, plan on it! The noon wod is the most attended wod of the week. I also pull out the stops to try and make the wod interesting.  If you have nothing to do on a Saturday noonish, get off your ass and get in the gym!

Had a great hike on Sunday! This was the first of the season. As the snow melts, I plan on going higher and higher. Some overnighters are in the works. Stay tuned.

Hats off to Jen Beach, our newest coach! Our first female CrossFit coach at Rocky Point CrossFit! New schedules are in the works. In the meantime, Jen will be appearing at different group WOD sessions and running private training.  Congrats Jen! It’s an honour to have you on board lending your skill and energy!

Today’s Workout. It is supposed to be a “Rest Day”. The WOD nazi says “No rest for you!!!!!” We are doing away with the “Rest Day”. No longer will you have a choice of wods on these days. Instead, we plan to run a benchmark WOD. One of the Girls or heros. I love these wods. This is what got me jacked on CrossFit when I started. These benchmark wods seemed so difficult. Almost fiction. Now, it’s me versus the clock and the old me that set the old benchmark. Sets the butterflies afloat in me tum tum. We want you hitting more benchmarks (don’t worry there are many of them). Again, keep track of your weights and times for these benchmarks. You will smash them!


Work on your Results list item, then spend some time working on your Clean and Jerk. This movement has appeared in the last few WODs, so it seems fitting to do Grace. The RX weight is 135 guys, 95 gals. Try and get as close as you can to the prescribed weight. Get your coach to check you for mechanics,then give it your all.

For Time:

30 Clean and Jerks 135/95