A great weekend at Rocky Point CrossFit. Foundations School got under way Friday evening. All new CrossFitters will attend 12 Foundations classes before entering Group classes.   The schedule:

Mon-Wed-Fri @ 7AM/Noon/8:30PM (7:30PM on Fridays).

Plenty of stuff got moved around during the infamous Saturday WOD….and it was all returned to where it started. We should hire ourselves out as movers. Do something usefull. 😉

Hey! Big Congrats to Beach who ran Sunday’s Vancouver half-marathon on a whim. No long distance training. Just CrossFit and the occasional Buntzen Lake run. Came in at 1:48. That’s fast!!!!

Errol held the first MobWod on Saturday. Many more to come!

Another great week ahead at Rocky Point CrossFit. Another Announcement in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Today’s Workout = Fun:

Complete the following every minute for as long as possible:
20 Double-unders
1 Snatch

Begin with 155 pounds and add 10 pounds each minute (or scale as needed). The workout is finished when you cannot complete the snatch within the minute.

You will sub DUs with Tuck Jumps :p And no, you don’t start with 155lbs. Scale as necessary. The Snatch can be a “muscle”, “power”, “Split” or “Squat”.