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Happy Monday to you! It’s the beginning of November. Daylight savings time has brought darkness an hour earlier. There’s a good chance it’s going to rain everyday this month. It’s a bleh month. You must resist the urge to hibernate! Fight off the crummy feelings by getting your butt into the gym, doing a workout, laughing with your fellow clan & blowing off some steam! I have a great week planned for you. And we’re going to cap off the week with a highly unusual WOD on Sunday, that I’ll be doing with you (Warning: it could go over 1 hour and you will definitely get wet if you choose.)

The whiplash is wearing off so we’re in the process of determining our next BFIT Day for November. If you have a gem in mind, let Errol or I know and we’ll make it happen.

The 3rd Annual Big White Ski Trip takes place January 23rd to 25th! There are a few spots left. We have rented a pair of luxury chalets. We’ll organize car pools, and you pay the lift ticket. This link pays for 2 nights accommodation in the chalets.

Coach Led WarmUp WallSquats/Squat Thrusts (No Measure)

Coach led warmup, then:

Tabata (Alternating)

Wall Squat

Squat Thrusts

Snatch Balance (1-1-1-1-1)

11042014 Team Ladders (Time)

In Teams of 3 complete the 3 Stations in the following manner:

Partner 1 does 1 rep

Partner 2 does 1 rep

Partner 3 does 1 rep

Partner 1 does 2 reps……and so on until all the partners have completed 6 consecutive reps (total 56 reps per partner per station)

Stations are:

Pull-Up (Banded or Ring Rows for progression)

WallBall (20/14)(16/10)(14/6)

Clean (135/95)(95-125/65-85)(45-65/35-55)


PullUp = Chest-2-Bar

WallBall = 30/20lbs

Clean = 165/125lbs

Rep scheme is actually”

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 = 45 reps per station per person.