This past weekend:

Saturday WOD saw partners completing 600m Overhead bar carry (95lbs average weight. Right on Tina for doing this weight too!) When the parttners switched in the carry it cost 3 burpees. Following the carry was 60 Power Cleans of the same bar, 120 pushups and then a final 600m Overhead bar carry. Great WOD! Great weather! As I was carrying the bar and trying to move as quickly as I could, it occurred to me this was a true test of strength, agility, coordination, stamina, balance, power, speed, cardiovascular and respitory endurance. Eight of the 10 recognized fitness domains in one movement. Try and find that training for a marathon!

Sunday was a WOD Bingo. Into the hat went 6 possible WOD: Abbate (hero), Filthy 50, Max 1RM Bench Press plus Annie, Holy Hills Batman 5K run, Nicole, and a team WOD. Out came…Team WOD (only after the Nicole WOD was turfed) The WOD was a longish affair involving a crap tonne of double unders (around 600), OH Squats, rows, KB swings and everyone’s go to favorite…burpees.

Big Congrats to Coach Ty who competed at the Taranis Winter Challenge on the Weekend. The Competition WODs were: Wod#1 -5KM Run, Wod#2 – Max Effort Double Unders in 2 minutes followed immediately by 21-15-9 Shoulder to Overhead and Burpees. Wod#3 – 20 X Max Front Squats followed by 3 Rounds of 20 hand release pushups and 10 somersaults. Somersaults? Expect the unexpected at CrossFit! Ty wound up finishing in the middle of a 60+ man pack. Stay tuned! Ty’s enthusiasm is flying high. This cat is going to be hard to catch at the gym!

And I must make mention of the heroics of those that completed the 1/4 mile Burpee Broad Jump on Friday. A test of stamina and mental fortitude. Plenty of opportunity to listen to the “little voice”….”This is hard. We should quit.” Nobody quit. You’re all champs for toughing out a nasty WOD!

I hope you have a great week! Please note, we will only be running one class on Friday, Remembrance Day. Noon.  One thing you can count on…it’s going to be a hero.

Today’s Workout:

5 X Front squat @ 65% 1RM

5 X Front squat @ 75% 1RM

5+ X Front squat @ 85% 1RM

Spend 5 minutes between rounds in joint mobility, and other movements to keep you warm.


Five rounds for time of:

35 Double-unders

Run 200 meters (Can be done outside. 11AM class can use upper parking lot and back alley for runs)

Post total time.