Hello! I have heard that some people are having a problem download and opening the excel document. I apologize for having a MAC! I’m currently working out the bugs.

Here is the points break down. You don’t need to add them yourself if you are using the excel document.

Steps to using the document:

1. Download from Google Docs.

2. Open the doc and save it to your computer.

3. Play around with the sheet. I have filled out the first day with maxium points to give you an idea of how to use it. There are tabs at the bottom for each week.

4. On Monday start keeping track of your food. I like to use a note book and then upload my data later on.

5. You must have the document OPEN to use it : ) And remember to save it.

Points break down!

Each meal 3 values:
+3 Paleo/Zone Meal
+2 Zone Meal
+1 Paleo Meal
+0 Paleo Meal that includes Dairy
-2 Cheat Meal (not paleo/not zone)

Rule of 5 Bonus Points:
+1 5 Meals a day
+1 Within 5 hours between meals
-1 More than 5 blocks per meal

Exercise Bonus Points:
+20 5+ WOD’s per week
+10 4 WOD’s a week
+0 3 WOD’s a week
-10 Fewer than 3 WOD’s per week

More Bonus Points:
+1 64oz of H20
+1 8+ hours of sleep
+1 (1/2)carb blocks from veggies

-1 Each alcohol bev (max -5 per day)
-1 No post workout meal
-1 Fewer than 3g of EPA/DHA per day