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One of our very own is a brand new Grade 4/5 teacher and has a spartan looking class. If you have any books (novels, picture, non-fiction, fiction, etc..) or games (cards, blocks, Lego, etc..) you no longer need, you can drop them off at the gym for Andrea to pick up. Many thanks!

Coach Colby has been working hard with Canadian Blood Services and has organized a campaign called “CrossFit Saves Lives”. From October 1st to 31st, donate to Canadian Blood Services. When you check-in let them know what CrossFit gym you are from. One person will be drawn from the CrossFit gym with the most donations and receive a “Dinner for Two” gift certificate at Fresh Restaurant and Lounge inside The Sheraton Hotel in Guildford. Stay tuned, Colby is also trying to organize a day where a multitude of us can go en masse to donate.

400m Run – Coach Led (No Measure)

Followed by Dynamic Stretch
Followed by:
12 min EMOM
Lateral lunge 4 reps each way
Guys 65-95/Girls: 35-65

Progressions include Pike press, stink bugs, half kneeling shoulder press. No pushups

09272014 Parchipper (Time)

400m run
40 Deadlifts
40 Double unders
30 Back squats
30 Toes-to-bars
20 Power cleans
20 Pushups
10 Thruster
10 Burpee box jumps, 24 inch

Rx+: 115/75
Rx: 95/65
Perf/Int: 55-85/35-55
Fitness: 35-45/15-25

With a partner, each of you does the whole workout, but you do not move onto the next movement until your partner has finished. Stick together, cheer eachother on, git’r’dun!