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Today we unveil the next RPCF Benchmark WOD. “The Surfer Girl”

Amanda has been with us since 2010! She is incredibly dedicated to her fitness and health, she’s got a wonderful personality and she’s got pull-ups & double-unders.

Surfer Girl has competed in both PentathaWODs!

This one is short but sweet. Or is it?

CF Warm Up (No Measure)

Top to Bottom Stretch then, 10-15 Reps:
Air Squats
Shoulder Press
Over Head Squats
Back Extensions

Bully Planks (No Measure)

Bully planks

For as long as possible, hold a front plank
Rest 1 minute
Test Side plank on right side, rest 20 seconds and test left side

Coaches explain how Right:Left ratio needs to be as close to 1:1. Time held is secondary for asymmetry

2 more sets of planks with a partner (both front and side). Partner will provide subtle disturbances to try and knock the planker off balance.

Dodgeball (No Measure)

Official rules:
– rules state that each contest has a time limit of 3min, play as may games as 20
min will allow.

The Surfer Girl (Time)

300 Double Unders for Time
*Every 1min complete 4 strict pull ups

If you cannot complete the pull ups within the minute, you are done.

No Double Unders? Sub with air-doubleunders