• Ideal for life, mixed martial arts, military, police and emergency personnel.
  • General physical preparedness | core strength and conditioning programming.
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Personal Training

  • One on one or semi-private training focused on achieving individual goals.
  • Recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, are training for a specific sport or event, have significant health limitations or just prefer the additional attention and accountability.

Sports Team Dryland Camps

  • Strength and conditioning tailored to your team, sport and competitive season.
  • Multiple coaches available to accommodate larger teams


  • Daytime Indoor bootcamps.
  • Programming emphasis on less complex movements, conditioning, and endurance.
  • Ideal for “weekend warriors”, beginners, elderly, or getting back to fitness.

Nutritional Consultations

  • Basic education.
  • Weight management planning.
  • Performance eating planning.
  • Cooking Lessons.

Olympic Weightlifting Development Camps

  • Coached by Parm Phangura – National  Olympic Weightlifting Team Member.
  • Privates, small groups, and class seminars.
  • Programming emphasis on skill development and power gains

Running Development Camps

  • Coached by Nathon Taylor – Former National Team Member.
  • Privates, small groups, and class seminars.
  • Programming emphasis on positioning, efficiency, and speed development.

Hockey Development Camps

  • Small groups or entire teams.
  • Programming emphasis on skill transfer and glycolytic energy system.

Flexibility and Mobility Camps

  • Learn how to perform basic maintenance on your self and decrease pain or impingements.
  • Programming emphasis on tissue mobilization, trigger point therapy, and maximizing range of motion.
  • Improve performance with more pliable muscle tissue.
  • Privates, small groups, and teams welcome.

Corporate Wellness Training Camps

  • Program emphasis on team building and nutritional strategies to maximize productivity and energy levels.
  • Custom tailored packages and “on location” services available.
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