<—- TMoney. Despite upcoming knee surgery, he continues to come in and put out strong efforts. Handsome too.

Saturday Noon WOD! Got some ideas = good times. Remember, Saturday is free-bring-in-your-curious-family member/friend day!

We are going to be ramping up a new Nutrition Challenge beginning the first week of September. This one is going to be a little more involved than our last challenge. For one, there will be cash rewards and several criteria for judging the winners. Stay tuned for more information. (No blimping up before the first weigh-in. Keep using toothpaste to brush your teeth…not cheesecake). To get you thinking about the challenge, check out this article and video on “added sugar”. Not just the heaps that wind up in the processed garbage and beverages that fill the middle of the supermarket, but the extra crack you dump into your coffee etc.

Just another article here to prove that the world is going mad. Keep CrossFitting! Remember, CrossFitters are harder to kill than normal people and are more useful in general. Still shaking my head over the last article. If you were a child, would you be more proud of the mother in the article or the mother who can deadlift her bodyweight, jump on a box then row 500m for 3 rounds at high intensity? You strong women is so sexy!

Today’s Workout


Sumo Deadlift (225/155), KB Swing

This one is not for time.


Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

Take your time between pulls. The goal is a new 1 RM PR.

Post your loads at Beyond The Whiteboard.