Main – CrossFit Group WOD

Today’s WOD is in honor of one of our most dedicated and determined athletes, Frank “The Tank” Cichon. Frank has been with Rocky Point Crossfit from the beginning, in fact, Frank even started coaching with Errol before RPCF’s first commercial location. Errol clearly remembers the first day they met, Frank wanted to meet with him at a local Starbucks and get to know him a bit before proceeding. He was apprehensive about getting started and had trouble succeeding long term with other trainers and programs. This time was different, he was determined, Errol and him instantly clicked. His first workout was to simply walk/run around field of about 100m and do box steps of barley 12″ for three rounds. Frank’s has come such a long way since that day and continues to be an inspiration to many at RPCF. He’s lost a tremendous amount of weight but more importantly he’s made massive improvements in his overall health and fitness. You’ll regularly see him sweating it out in our group classes and and he often visits other Crossfit gyms in his travels. He has kept his weight off for years and has brought his daughter Lauren to become part of the tribe at RPCF.

If anyone embodies what it means to be a RPCF’r, it’s Frank “The Tank” Cichon! We love ya buddy, congrats on all your success!

PS A reminder that RPCF will be closed for the PentathaWOD this weekend. Friday at 11am will be the last class. Those that need a fix in the afternoon, swing by for a holly hills 5K run.

400M & mini wod (No Measure)

400m run/row

3 rounds
10 Russian KBS (light)
5 pushups
5 pullups/ring rows

Muscle Ups & progressions (No Measure)

10 Minutes muscle up practice and working the strength and drills coach provides.

Bar Muscle-ups (Max consecutive reps )

Warm up and then attempt a max consecutive rep.

For those that don’t have a muscle up, spend this time working alternating sets of pull ups and dips to failure

The Frank The Tank (AMRAP – Reps)


1 Min Per Station
1 min rest Per RND

KB Swings @ 53/35
Box Jumps @ 24/20
KB Front Squat 100 / 70
Push Ups
Row For Cals