Got a lot of work to do today in our workout! Try to get to the gym 5-10 minutes before the class to start your pre-warmup so you are ready to rock on the Warm-up!


2 Rounds (not for time…for quality)

5 Standing Dumbbell Inverted Cross (on our way to a Maltese Cross!)
10 Toes to Bar from L Hangs (it’s what you think it is. Try and get as high as you can with straight legs)
15 Superman Rocks (sorry fellas….that’s gonna be a real ball-masher)


3 rounds of 1 X Heavy Power Clean + max front squat (do not drop the bar after the power clean. Do as many Front Squats as you can, then dump it and take a break)


10:00 AMRAP:
30 Toes to Bar (Or toes to L-Sit)
30 Front Squats, 155/105 is RX (Your team will scale as required)

3 rounds for time:
20 HSPU (or Hand stand PU progression or Pushups)
20 Power Cleans, 155/105 (Your team will scale as required)
One works while two rest. Partition workload however you wish.

This is how some Foundations Students react when I describe the workout they are about to do. 😉 Luv ya Guys!