How the room starts to look after Thrusters.

Quick note: We won’t be running the Mobility WOD this Saturday. It will be back to business the following Saturday.

Mark Saturday September 22nd on your calendar. This will be the date for the “1st Inter-LowerMainland Reebok Invitational (except this year as it is exclusive to CF Overdrive and Rocky Point CrossFit) CrossFit Challenge”. I think it has a nice ring to it but the guy who is making the trophy to me to go @*%#! my hat.

This competition will be different. Rather than just watching the firebreathers duke it out, we will be having a division for Fitness and Performance levels. Everyone in the gym will be able to do one version of the workout. The WODs will be in a team format (2 guys 2 girls). Expect 2 wods that day. There will be more information in the near future as well as sign up sheets at the gym. We’ll be limited to 2 teams per division. Please think about it. šŸ™‚

Today’s Workout:


Gymnastics Warmup
PRACTICE for 10 minutes:
Pistols with RollĀ  and holding the bottom of the PistolĀ  position for 3 seconds

Option A
Press 5 RM, 3×5 @ 90% of 5 RM

Option B
Conditioning: Row 1000m Run 800 M


Ground to Overhead with Plate (10#)
5 Burpees + 30 Double Unders or 90 Singles

Ground to Overhead with Plate (25/10)
5 Burpees + 30 Double UndersĀ  or 90 Singles

Ground to Overhead with Plate (45, 25)
5 Burpees + 30 Double Unders