The clock is ticking to get your name in for the Christmas Party on the 16th!!!! (This is primarily so we can get our order in to the caterer) I mean, you could show up to the party and not eat. You’ll just have to wait in the parking lot until Casey finishes his three plates. The cost for the dinner is $25 ($28 after HST) per person. You can pay at the gym or click here to pay through the same school portal that you pay your membership with.

You might have seen this on Facebook, but we’re so proud of him that I just had to post it here as well. I remember when Tom and Karla came into the gym last February. Tom is a Reebok manager in Western Canada. I thought that Reebok was putting their managers at the end of a bayonet and saying “Alright you…we’re getting cozy with CrossFit, you have to be a CrossFitter now!” It was a tough start for Tom and Karla. But they quickly appreciated the commitment needed to improve their lives. I see them work hard every session. No slouches! And their skills with the bar and gymnastics are night and day. They are a pleasure to have at Rocky Point CrossFit. It’s only been 10 months since they started, but until I saw this picture I never realized how far Tom has come. CrossFit + proper nutrition = Elite

Back to the Benchmarks!

5 Minutes Shoulder mobility then
10 Minutes practicing:
Kipping Pullup
Butterfly Pullup

Spend 15 minutes working up to a 1RM Back Squat
10 minutes Snatch practice

30 Snatch (any method you prefer) 135/95#

(Fitness and Performance – Decide on a weight that will challenge you for all 30 lifts)